Treatments & Prices

All treatments are available as home visit, or I can see you in my brand new therapy room in Bletchley,MK3.

Please give no less than 24 hours notice on cancellation, or you will be charged the full price of treatment.

60 Minute Reflexology Treatment

An hour of blissfully relaxing foot massage in the comfort of your own home. Choose an aromatherapy oil to accompany your treatment, lie back in my comfy reflexology chair under a warm fluffy blanket, and let the relaxation begin!

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Save by Pre-Booking 6X60 Minute Reflexology Treatments


Please ring me 07403 393199 to book this offer.

Chinese Reflexology 60 Minute Treatment – Stick Pressure

This treatment uses an assortment of wooden tools to exert deep pressure on reflex points. It may feel more sore than finger pressure, but the reflex stimulation you get with stick pressure is second to none! If you are the type of person who craves deep pressure, then you may prefer this over regular Reflexology. Additionally, if you barefoot walk a lot, you may have thick soles to your feet. This in turn necessitates a deeper pressure to properly access and stimulate the reflex points.

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Save by Pre-Booking 6X60 Minute Chinese Reflexology Treatments


Please ring me 07403 393199 to book this offer.

Reflexology In Care Settings

60 Minute Reflexology appointments delivered in care settings across Milton Keynes.

See Reflexology In Care Settings for more information. £40/client

Coming soon…

Hot Stone 80 Minute Reflexology Treatment

One price only – £50

This 80 minute treatment uses hot stones as well as finger pressure to stimulate reflexes, and adds another layer of comfort and relaxation to the therapy. This version of Reflexology can be quite intense and you should expect to experience a deeper level of relaxation and healing (as well as more intense after-effects).

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