Post-Treatment Advice & Aftercare

How to make the most of your treatment…

– Drink plenty of water straight after your treatment and over the next few days

– Take a short nap or rest if you can straight after your treatment

– Avoid toxins such as caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. These toxins will stress the body and lessen its ability to deal with the toxins your body has released during treatment, which will prevent healing

– Make sure you get a few early nights – your body has healing to do and most of this can only occur during good, deep sleep

– Eat a rainbow – be sure to include plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and grains in your diet over the next few days to help give your body all the nutrients it needs to heal. Avoid meat, dairy, sugary and processed foods. Visit my healthy eating page for meal ideas.

Contact me with any questions post-treatment – 07403 393199. I am always happy to talk through any concerns or answer questions.

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