Barefoot Community Walks For Wellness

“We once walked upon the ground for all the day, which kept our illnesses at bay”

What is Barefoot Walking for Wellness?

Barefoot walks will run from early Spring until late Autumn, in the various parks and forests of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. They will be really fun social events, but also give us the opportunity to ‘Earth’ ourselves, which brings us numerous health benefits and is a great way to combine gentle exercise with healing. Please visit my Facebook page to view upcoming events.

What is Earthing?

Is Earthing backed by scientific research?

Yes it is! Click here to read the scientific research that confirms Earth’s electrons induce multiple physiological changes of clinical significance, including reduced pain, better sleep, a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic tone in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), reduced inflammation and a blood-thinning effect.

For further information and to read about the scientific study of Earthing, please click here to visit the Earthing Institute.

Earthing Bed Sheets

Because of the way we live, it’s difficult to get outside barefoot enough to bring daily benefit. You may wish to consider buying an earthing sheet which grounds you in your sleep. Just google ‘earthing sheets’. You can see some examples here.

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