About me…

Claire Stephen (AOR)

Qualifications & Insurance

“Welcome to my website. I qualified in 2003 after completing a year’s course with the AOR (Association Of Reflexologists) which involved practical learning, completing case studies and studying anatomy and physiology. Since then I have had my own practice in London and am now based in Milton Keynes. I am committed to furthering my training and I am currently taking courses in ‘Reflexology for Palliative Care’ and ‘Reflexology for Maternity and Labour’. I am fully insured by Holistic Insurance and registered with the AOR to practice professionally.” Claire Stephen

Why Did I Become A Reflexologist?

“I experienced health related anxiety problems in my late teens (fatigue, lack of appetite, shaking, palpitations and panic attacks) and found relief from these symptoms through Reflexology. I decided to find out more about how the therapy worked and started to read about it extensively. This led to me enrolling in a year’s course to become a practitioner. I really enjoyed the training and have learned so much along the way, treating a range of different health problems, and researching what kind of health issues Reflexology can help with. The best part is seeing people get better – that’s really all anyone wants – to feel okay. If I can give that to someone, then I’m happy too. That’s job satisfaction!”

I Practice Evidence Based Therapy

This means I won’t tell you Reflexology is ‘good for everything’. I will treat you if I feel there is sufficient evidence to suggest a good therapeutic outcome, based on the research I have studied. Please visit my Evidence Based Practice page to see which health conditions Reflexology has been shown to help.

There are thousands of Reflexology case studies available to read online. These are written by practitioners, based on their observations of patients. This is less reliable evidence than controlled scientific study, however, it does not mean they are incorrect. It would appear that Reflexology is successful at treating many health conditions, but there has been a lack of research done to study all of these. Research is ongoing and I strive to keep abreast of new developments.

What my clients say about me…

“I’ve had multiple sessions of reflexology with Claire. She’s always informative and is spot on with what she’s feeling in your feet in relation to the problem areas in the rest of your body. Always feel chilled and much better after every session. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Paul Kitchiner

“I have fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. Claire is great at helping me relax. It’s so interesting hearing her explain what the sensitive bits on my feet relate to, and every one has related to an issue I have in my body. I find myself really looking forward to my sessions, and am also so grateful for the diet and lifestyle advice. I honestly can’t recommend trying Reflexology with Claire enough. And the sliding pay scale is a wonderful idea.”

Tracey Mallaghan

For more reviews, please visit my reviews page.

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